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i love this single-screen puzzle platformer! even the timing-based skill levels were fun to conquer. the music was incredibly good. the different worlds were so compelling, too. 

my only feedback is the spike hitbox in world 3 was a little unforgiving.

i'd like to see a sequel one day! i noticed that you inherit inertia when swapping to your totem, like in portal. this could make for some crazy puzzles! great work. :)

- beautiful art, i loved exploring this tiny pocket world.

- more cards would be really cool! i felt like fire was always the better choice over water?


- extremely bad framerate when dashing into the air. the game completely freezes for a few seconds.

- score pickups could have a bigger hitbox, they are a little difficult to collect.

- when rapidly switching between cards and holding down Mouse 1, i was able to sustain a completely broken firerate. this was fun, though. :)

i love the world and the art and the characters, but unfortunately i couldn't beat the second mushroom cave level. i tried for a long time but it felt too unfair. the bouncy mushroom and moving platforms felt too unpredictable.

things i liked!

- gorgeous art, i love the glowing mushies and mushroom friends. i will protect them with my life.

- very cute dialogue, i love the puns.

- the music was incredible!

some feedback:

- i noticed the pixel scaling was incorrect, which makes me sad in pixel art games. (some pixels are bigger than others.)

- instead of a capsule collider for player, i suggest a rectangle, this way you don't slide off of platforms. this felt bad. :(

i hope you keep working on this project! i want to see more, and maybe a more gradual difficulty curve so i can experience more of the story? :)

i got the comradery (polycule) ending! i adored the charming characters, and the writing cracked me up. :) i fed everything to the horse, including stolen bullets. good honse. it enjoyed fineighber.

some feedback:

- i'd really like to see how many endings i missed on the end screen! this will encourage multiple playthroughs.

- some additional art with the characters emoting would be really cute as well. :)

hey. thanks so much for checking it out, it means so much to us both. <3 i agree: visibility and baddie diversity both have room for improvement.

ah, that post. :') good mems. so glad to have you back. we'll do our best to accommodate your feedback.

thank you so much for checking it out. <3

you can email me at maybell(dot)soft(at)gmail(dot)com. :) or dm me on our discord. thank you!

hey, i have uploaded the iircade version of satryn here. it is completely free. sideload away! :)

10400 was my score B-)

i'm so happy :) we will do our best

hey, it's been a while, but the deluxe version on steam now supports MacOS.

hi, the deluxe version on steam now supports macOS. thank you for your patience! :)

macOS support has been added to the deluxe version on steam. :)

i hope you try again, or try a new project one day. please don't give up, your team has a lot of talent.

this was such a pleasant experience. thank you for making it. here is a list of praise and feedback:


  • the UI is clean and easy to use. it's snappy and intuitive on controller.
  • i really liked how the game opened, allowing me to set my options in peace and set everything up just the way i like it.
  • the controller auto-detect was really nice.
  • i cared about the characters so much that i took extra care to be sure none of them got hurt too badly during combat. i was scared when they would get hurt.
  • the music is absolutely incredible. it deeply moved me. it sold the whole experience. i loved it.
  • there were a few jokes that made me laugh, which is a nice and welcome relief in sad, heavy stories. the writing hurts you, but it also hugs you.


  • the room exit in the beginning wasn't very obvious to me. i spent more time than i'd like to admit stuck in the opening bedroom. maybe add a big arrow for dumb-dumbs like me?
  • hit sound effects during combat were underwhelming, or not present at all, such as when avila attacks.
  • would prefer moving, using, and attacking all use a single interface. i did not enjoy having to independently select these actions.
  • there were some corners and stairs i would sometimes get stuck on.

SPOILERS: the ending dream environment was so peaceful, like a great weight had been lifted. i fell in love with the space cloak person. i hope to see them again soon.

hi :) the game is free on if you want leaderboards and achievements, you can buy the game on steam. thank you! <3

that sounds sick, i can't wait :) !


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i love all the little guys, my favorites are SOP sign and clock man. i like being the little yellow guy. the auto-aim is really nice to me. releasing fire to collect the rainbow gems gives everything a pleasant rhythm, like a heartbeat. :)

i think the hyper charge rate is fine, but i would like auto-suck or large suck as possible upgrades in the definitive version.

thank you <3 it was made in godot. :) i definitely do need help with mac port stuff.

satryn comments ┬Ě Replied to keb in satryn comments

deluxe is steam only and adds leaderboards and achievements. otherwise, they are the same game. and yes, it's free. :)

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you got it. the version has been updated to the latest, greatest 1.1.1 version.

satryn comments ┬Ě Replied to keb in satryn comments

i have updated the version to match the Steam version. :)

i did see it :) i love the wind blast power-up. i would really like to add it one day.

360 degree aiming is a hard no, for personal taste reasons. <3

workshop support most likely will not happen, sorry :(

any sick ideas for power-ups that i can steal in the meantime? ;)

ennway made the music, check them out on spotify sometime <3

hello. this was made with godot + the qodot plugin. the map was made with trenchbroom.

i wanted dual shot to be unexciting, but in practice it really is an annoying piece of shit. thank you for your suggestion, i will think about it. 

that is an incredible score. da biggest i've seen yet. i'm in awe­čĄę

oh my gosh, please show me when you are ready to, @hello_maybell, i would love so much to see it :)

holy shit, all hail satryn's bane! ­čÖç

thank you :) for linux the save file is located here:


this bug has been fixed. :) thank you again.

hi there, i was unable to reproduce bug #1, but bug #2 is fixed in update 0.8.3.

also: you can press F11 to toggle fullscreen.

what timing, my friend! i have just now updated the game to include mouse aiming.

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thank you for the bug report. this will be fixed in the next update. i'm glad to see that even with the assistance of a gamebreaking bug you did not manage to reach the level cap >:)

edit: this bug has been fixed as of 0.8.3

bleepbloop blorp bleep bloop

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fantastic suggestion. it is on my big list ­čôť

edit: mouse aiming has been added today as part of the 0.8.3 update.

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oh no! :( i'm sorry to have made you dizzy. i have added your request to the big list :)

edit: the ability to disable camera motion has been added as part of the 0.8.3 update. i hope this helps!