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yo that was genuinely epic. played right through all 3 stages in one go and it was just very engaging and satisfying and balanced. wouldn't really change a thing other than wanting it to go on for longer and have more levels. great job :D

yuuuuuusss! glad you enjoyed it. love it and do that! xxx

:O so glad to hear that <3

That was amazing! lovve love loved it


Like so simple but actually really fun to play around with

I actually really love this. The car handles really nicely. Visually it's great. I think the combat system just feels fab. And the music is cool. Like genuinely this was a really great job!

or even better if you could make a female main character option that would be so great

hey I would LOVE to play this game but I am a girl. Could you add option to change pronouns of the main character to she/her or they/them PLEASE? thanks! X

you're welcome! <3

this was freaking awesome! so much fun <3

that's awesome! so glad to hear that! :)

also what is "cracked my egg"? I hope that's good :

oh my god that makes me so happy! my dream was that someone would play it and enjoy it so i really appreciate that <3