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I streamed the game at first than decided to edit it into a video ~ aND BOI!!!!! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME TO COME OUT!! AH!! SSSOOO GGGGGOOOOOOOODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

☆ Yee !! My sis actually made the thumbnail for me (she helps me sometimes) she posted on Twitter,  you like to save it there!! :D

☆ Sorry it took me awhile to upload this but OMG!! I'm loving it so far!!! The style is so cute AHH!!! I can't wait to finish it!!!! ☆

♡ ♡ Holy Gosh!!! This is the cutest game I ever seen!!!!! ♡ ♡

The Character designs are so unique so different I love it!! and Gosh the Artstyle!! AAHH!! So Adorable!!! ♡

I love to record this game if you don't mind (I'm just a starting out new gamer (I do mostly art tho)) Its cool if you don't want me to ~

Gosh ~ ! The Game is so sweet!! I hope you continue gaming such cute games together ~ ! ! ♡

OMGOSH!!! I REAlly enjoyed playing!!! Thank you so much for letting me play it!!!!! ♡

I Can't Wait for the full release!!!!!!

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☆ I love the ending omg!!! Hahahah its an very short game but it has lots in it!! I really enjoyed playing this!! and I love the style it is too!!! I definitely gotta check rest of you guys' games!!!! ♡

OMGosh! Yes I'll definitely check them out! and thanks! I'll totally link you when I do post the video up! :D

Oh GOSH!! I love the art style!!! So pretty!!! (☆▽☆)

would it be okay if i did an recording of this?? (I'm still fairly new on youtube, i post mostly art haha)