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alternatively, have the maps come in a 7z file or something and let the user extract the pack or individual maps as they see fit, rbxl compresses really well

why do i need to download 700 megabytes that are mostly just extremely bloated xml files (old rbxl is REALLY inefficient in size due to the nature of xml) from the universe's slowest cdn if i also want to have the full sdk?

just have 3 downloads: a download for the full program with everything and no rbxl files, a separate download for the gigantic map pack, and a separate download for the "essential" maps lite has

this is amazing, and for having just one game as source material it has pretty good theming

but help i keep seeing paul apparitions

"Not having the license does not lock you out of any actual features"

but you just said themes were locked behind a paywall

which one is it egghead