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Here's some suggestions/what i would like:

- Multiplayer coop and pvp(multiple enemy rafts)

-More enemies (Pirates & fauna[with differents resource drops])

-More weapons (bows, crossbows, cannons [see pirates], harpoons, throwable knives&spears)

-Underwater exploration

-Sailing (move raft) and boats

-Spawning mini-islands (and eventual map and/or compass/stars for orientate)

-Need to light fire in order to use torches and cook.

-Birds (hunt, catch&breed for eggs and meat)

-Status effects (cold, sunburn, injuried, bleeding, etc..)

-Advanced cooking, sleep and medicine/healing (see status effects)

-More base resource like clay, bamboo, leather, glass, coral, rocks, fuel and/or biofuel (see need to light fire)

-More intermediate crafting like planks, pipes, cloth, brick, etc..

-Specific crafting benches for advanced crafting (crafing bench, foundry or furnace for smelt scrap, flyer for cloathing, etc..)

-More and upgradable structures (rain collector, shark-cage & oxygen-tank/bubble [see underwater exploration], sails [see move raft/boat], wind turbine for some kind of simple machinary or sailing [maybe?])

-Wheather and effects (rain, storm, strong wind, hurricanes)

-Easy, Hard, and Extreme difficulties

-Challenges & Achievements