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Thanks Dusty! I'm really glad that you liked it :)

We have heard that there were a few volume issues, I think our sound-guy had trouble exporting the files. We might have to make a few tweaks in a patch. 

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Hi WarNovaDragoon - I think your criticism(s) are well founded.

When we wrote the story, we decided on an ending that happens 'beyond the screen', i.e. we felt that there was enough information for a reader to be pretty confident that they knew what happened, without explicitly saying it.
(But, that sort of ending does often lead to the feeling you are talking about - it doesn't feel fully fleshed out.)

As for Mike, you are absolutely correct. He was intended to be the black sheep of the group.

And, as for the trope-y writing, you are correct, it does lean that way. I am not a horror writer, so the trope-traps are easy for me to fall into. I think If I had had more time, I could've made everything feel  tighter and imparted a better feeling of verisimilitude. 

I really appreciate your thoughts, and thank you for playing.

Really appreciate it LordDude, pleased to hear our hard work hit home.

Thanks for the kind words. Happy that you liked it overall, and your feedback is most appreciated.

Thanks jdogz, glad you enjoyed it! I passed your message on to the rest of the team.