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love the concept and polish! reminds me of minecraft TNT run, very cool!

very cool!

i love you too!

*WARNING* Do not stop the juice! you will regret!

very cool, love the idea


made a game just like this a while back, love to see someone else's take on it :0 good stuff


thank you <3

thank you so much <3

thanks so much dpksh <3 :)

thank you so much <3

Feels so nice to play, can tell that some much effort has been put in, can not wait for the full release!!!

Loved punching the little men hehehe, overall great game

The animation is seriously so good!

Thank you, this was obviously my first game so it was very buggy but i'm happy you enjoyed it! <3

It's not perfect or polished but thank you <3

Thank you so much for the feedback! Seriously means so much to me

Wow i'd never think of that, that is brilliant!

Thanks so much for the support, I would submit this for gdwc2019 if it wasn't a buggy mess ;D

Thank you so much, you are too nice! XD

Thank you for the support!

Thanks so much for the suggestions, i love your idea :)

Thank  you so much! :)

Very addictive, love your idea!

Simple yet so well done

simple but excellent! 

Very cool! love the idea!