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Never done a solo RPG before. Made a run at Castle Charon and thought I was doing pretty well until the Champion of Evil (on the other side of the paper) absolutely wiped me out. Fun!

It's intended for Gameboy Color, I'm not actually sure if it will boot on DMG.

What do you mean? The shots they fire definitely hurt the player.

Ended with a score of 24! Really fun.

Used a lot of your music in my new game:

You were one of the only packs I could find providing tracks with drumless versions and they were perfect for what I was going for. Thank you!

Bought this like a year ago and finally got to use it:

Really appreciate it! Obviously Yume Nikki but I'm a big fan of YN fangames in general. I played a lot of Yume 2kki in prep to make this, and there's a section heavily inspired by MyHouse.wad and liminal spaces in general. 

Not a ton to explore but what there was I really liked. Ended up only needing the guide to discover the Doll effect. I assumed every door in the apartments wouldn't open. The events are all really cool so far. Hope to see it expand in the future!

Found a bug while going for 100% club today. Pressing restart on level 15 instead restarts you in level 12. Guessing a copy-pasted changed scene event didn't get edited. 

I originally was just using the free set to prototype but I ended up liking it so much I had to grab a couple of your paid sets. Really helped. Your sprite work is great. 

Love the visual style. Questioning if some of these jumps are ACTUALLY possible though. Little confused why attacks only work against enemies who are looking at you? Gonna keep giving this tries though because it's pretty fun.

This is insanely good especially when considering it was made in a week for a gamejam. Really fun. Wasn't a fan of the required stars to get to new areas initially but I think having to learn to speedrun the stages was actually really fun. Would absolutely pay for an expanded version or sequel.