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max the damage suppressor

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I only did a handful in my lifetime, but making a game in 3 weeks is totally doable, friend! Sounds like a great jam to start with.

Same here :(

It was pretty good, a little tough though

Yeah, hey Mario. Let me get a large double olive

I liked it

Great aesthetic. Bottle mechanic is also a ton of fun. I wrote some really stupid stuff lol. Unfortunately, the game crashed 26 minutes in for me. I really liked what I played, though!

Great game. Awesome sound design and aesthetic.

Birthplace's first chapter, Shadetown, is a fun little prologue to the full game. Shadetown really comes alive with the chilling soundtrack, disturbing enemy design, and funny dialogue. It all comes together to create this really interesting atmosphere that I just can't really put my finger on. Shadetown feels so contained and peaceful at times, but there are moments that really make you feel like an outsider, and there's something not quite right here.

I like how the game approached the idea of being able to do any and all things just because you wanted to. I spent way too much time eating and punching buildings. The dialogue options are fun, too, allowing you to be rude to NPC's, probe them for more info, or just have a nice little chat, sometimes with pretty funny results. Shadetown is a ton of fun to explore because every place I found somehow felt like I wasn't really supposed to be there, from abandoned houses, to torture chambers, to underwater caverns, mostly due to the soundtrack and how gritty and visceral the art style is. I'm looking forward to getting lost in more of Birthplace's world.

Aw, thanks! I plan on expanding the idea in the following weeks, so will do! :)

Thanks for the feedback! :)

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Sorry, new to itch. Just uploaded a rar. Thanks for checking out the game!

I'm getting the same issue. :(

This thing is insane! Played a little bit  and it's incredible. The gameplay is tight and fun like any good shmup but the aesthetic is out of this world. That centipede thing blew my mind. A lot of little details remind me of Evangelion, which is probably what you were going for. Great demo.

Best of luck with development!

I got up to level 8 and the game is pretty clever. I really like the moments where I have  to make a mid-air jump, switch layouts, and land on something else. VERY satisfying!

Have you considered limiting the player's movement to 4 directions instead of 8? Pressing two buttons at the same time makes the character move little bit extra in one of those directions when you release, so it feel a bit unpredictable. I feel like limiting movement would help. Either way, it feels a bit off to move. Great game though, I really like it so far!