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Understandable! Part of doing a jam like this is compromising, so it makes sense that you would have to cut some things for your time/sanity. Just wanted to be specific with my critique lol.

But yeah! Those are excellent additions. Glad you picked up on those too. I personally like how fast they come at the player but I just wish my attack was stronger/bigger. That's just my personal taste though.

Again there are still a lot of cool parts to it so whatever you decide to do from here, I see it being really cool!

LOL jokes aside, very cute game we got going on here pal. I actually haven't used powerpoint in a while so it didn't really work for me, but I played along with a notepad and checked my answers with the slides after. Overall, fun way to improvise and actually kind of AWESOME for something made in just 20 minutes with the pressure of a deadline. Of course, the background absolutely slaps too.

Great work with the game and thanks for hosting a great jam!


Congrats you beat out another game that I previously called the funniest game in this jam. This is now the funniest. Literally burst out laughing at the annihilation ending. And the gameplay's not bad either! I think it could've been more clear if I was doing damage to the enemy rat but I still felt the impact of the hit. Maybe add some blood particles or something?

Loved it! Be proud of it, so funny and entertaining to play. Congrats!

I've done a handful of jams and yeah, this is the funniest game I've played for a game jam. LOL it's just amazing. The gags are so well done, I was smiling from when they started laughing to meeting his dad, to getting the glasses. So cute and funny and the metroidvania mechanics are SO well done!! Gotta love how a "NO!" can open a door just as well as key does. 

Congrats!! You did an amazing job! Hilarious, fun to play, feature complete, and full of joy. Well done.

So this is kind of awesome? 

Lol I was really confused for a second and was about to give up but I spammed the PRINT 3 times and then I stopped having to worry about enemies. At that point I just kept dragging pink enemies into the sequencer and eventually I gathered enough info to make it. I LOVE how I can see some pink parts show up depending on how much I got right. It really gave me that "oooh I'm so close" feeling every time I got it wrong. And then when I finally figured out how to make the pink enemy it felt really good.

So, finished or not, this is a great idea! It functions well and isn't like anything I've ever played. Congrats on making it work!

I found the core gameplay a little frustrating, but there are many great parts to it. Fun sense of humor with the intro, good lighting, atmospheric vibes, cute animations, and I think procedural generation is always cool to see. I think the game has a lot of things going for it, but could use a rethink of the core gameplay, as fighting is really cramped. Maybe expand the play space, make enemy damage more readable, and provide some kind of GPS/hint system for finding the cheese?

Still, congrats on what you've done! I think a second go at this concept could result in something really cool. The fundamentals are there, and you still have a lot to be proud of with this one! 

Oh, that sucks!! I wish I had a way to fix this :(

Thank you for your interest, though, and I appreciate the compliment! Necrodancer's high praise haha. I've received more ratings than I even expected, so don't trouble yourself too much. Thanks again!! 

Haha, thank you wev! Glad you found things to enjoy! That's a good score too!

But now a moment of silence for the Greebles who died for the cause...

Awesome! Sorry again, my laptop just doesn't do well with most 3D games anyway.

WOWW. Nice!

The main mechanic is really cool, and every time I thought I saw everything the game had to offer, it hit me with another weird mechanic. Really takes advantage of the different things one can do with a mouse. The enemies that dodge out of your way at the last moment are kind of genius LOL. I got up to the huge ugly mutant ones and the screen went all green before I died. Still, everything I played up until that point was awesome. This game rules. Good job!

I don't feel comfortable rating the game, as I'm currently working off a very bad potato laptop. The game didn't run well for me, but I just wanna say that the environments and enemies look great!! Good job.

Wow! This is an amazing idea and the execution is terrific!! It's so simple, but I love love love the idea of having to think about and mix your colors while running away from these little triangles. I almost saw it as a horror game sometimes LOL, with how panicked it made me feel.

I have a few criticisms, but they're only because the rest of the game is so good. The "Clean" button is a little too small, and I feel like the shooting doesn't really do much. I never killed a triangle, and I think limited ammo is just a little too harsh.

I think it speaks to the quality of the game that I played so long even after dying so much. It's VERY fun, so good job!! It's also a concept you can improve on further, if you so choose!

Absolutely my favorite game of the jam so far!! I'd be surprised if anything tops it. I'm not a big physics-game fan but something in me is just like "I want to play full game of this."

It's like Katamari crossed with Angry Birds, I've never really played anything like it. The camera-shake and noises you get whenever you break something, the way the funny little rats pulse, how the music kicks in once you start sticking them together...this game is just so polished and charming. On top of all that, the physics are robust and the levels are interestingly designed too. 

Incredible job!! I loved it.

Cool game!

I love the idea of playing as a zombie that defeats humans, and the progression system to make things faster is a wonderful idea. Seeing the numbers go up and feeling my speed get faster is really satisfying. It's a little hard to land kicks consistently, so I wasn't able to finish it, but I think with some time and effort you can polish this into a really fun runner. All in all, you still did great work!

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Wow! Really really well done!

The lighting is solidly done, the sounds are creepy as heck, and you did a great job designing the sets. Music/art is awesome too. I got the record, ran away, and then the lady popped right in front of me when I got close to the room and I FREAKED OUT!! 10/10 spook, but unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it. Maybe I can give it another go after I've played the other games.

You have a lot to be proud of, though! Great job. (Also I believe you put my name in a cameo, thanks haha!)

Appreciate the critique! I think a progression/power-up system would've been cool too. Thanks for playing!

Cool, thanks!

Thanks for checking it out and thanks for your honesty!! I appreciate your feedback.

I felt like the goofy rotation of player/attack added humor to the game, so it wasn't something I felt like fixing. I suppose I could've kept the player sprite upright at all times and made completely symmetrical attack sprites.

Did you find it disorienting to have them rotate? Or was it just not to your taste?

Thank you!! I really enjoyed how this one came out, glad to see that you find something to like too. Thanks for checking it out.

Also, agreed. The musician is VERY talented. Exactly the vibe I wanted.

Thank you!! That was the vibe I was going for so I'm glad I could deliver. And yeah the musician is very talented.

Glad you found it interesting! Your game looks cool, can't wait to try it out. <3

Thank you! Appreciate the compliment and your interest. <3

Thank you!! Glad you found so much to enjoy! Appreciate you checking out the game.

This is really really cool!! Very impressive for only a few days. I felt a little overwhelmed by all of the mechanics, but having them in the game at all is such a massive accomplishment to be proud of.

Music is banging, graphics are simple but readable, and it feels pretty robust too. Excellent work!!

My Missy is finer than all y'alls Missys and that's a fact. <3

Good job!

Really enjoying this. The game-feel is awesome, I can blast through these guys for ages. Satisfying sound, enough screen-shake, and simple but easy on the eyes. I also did an arena shooter sort of thing, but this just feels so much better to play. Great job!

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Nice graphics! Really cute. Even if everything isn't here, it feels great to play and what functions is really satisfying and fun. 

Deflecting stuff in particular feels SO GOOD. There's something to this, so it's worth improving on! Great job.

This game is kind of hilarious. Puzzles are simple, but the ending got me LOL. Good job!


Aw, I usually focus on jams with discords because they keep me a bit more motivated. Get to share my work and all and be communal.

Thought I'd just express my interest, but do what makes you comfortable!

Understood, still a fun time. Good job!

Understandable! What you managed to make in the time limit is amazing.

Finished the first level and I'll just say this is an awesome concept! I really think the idea of multitasking to collect fish is cool, and I really enjoy that the game doesn't punish you for getting letters wrong. That way, you can just sort of mash the keys in the general direction while you focus on following the bob. Great presentation, highly original, fun, just an awesome game all around. Well done!

Absolutely gorgeous vibes. I love the music and the art the character design, just how everything comes together. Really really well done. I love how each fish has an element and I can catch them by countering that element with my own, but I was only able to get like 3. I hope I don't sound harsh at all (because the atmosphere and complexity is amazing) but I think there could be an easier way to telegraph which element I should be using.

But overall, I think this is a beautiful little game! The concept of elemental fishing is highly original and fun, and it would be cool to see you expand on this if you so choose. Great work!

First off, definitely a 5/5 for originality. The concept of using a beam that can only go through player-created holes is one I've never seen before and can definitely be expanded on. I think moving and cutting the hole is a little slow, but maybe for some it may add to the tension of trying to get a fish before it swims away. However, I really loved the the cutting animation. Impressive.

All in all, great work!

Cute! Pretty cool idea to control the hook by WASD. You don't exactly know where it's going to end up so you have to search for the right spot. I think the visuals are neat, and the game functions well. Good job!

A lot of fun!! Great work.

I like the economy/progression system, the goofy humor, and the core gameplay was absolutely fantastic. It's so funny that the best way to fish in this game is to try to avoid using the rod. Hilarious, loved it. 5/5

LOL it's like you combined that game Furi with a fishing game. Cool concept and the execution is great!

I think throwing out the lure is a little hard for me to see where it's going to go. Also, the QTE method of attacking is a little hard for me to tell when it begins.

Other than that, though, this is a really solid game and a great use of the theme. Nice job!

Not bad for your first game done in 48 hours.

The camera controls are a little too sensitive (could just be me?), but the fishing mechanic works well. I also kind of love how the fish collide with the platform and then slowly float up into the air. Combine that with the music and the vast empty ocean and there's just this sort of lonely atmosphere to it that I think is really cool. 

Good work!

Beautiful game! Mechanics work well and it's pleasant to press the little buttons and hear the jingles. Very charming, and the journal functions well too. I think it'd be cool to expand on this.

For now, though, great job!

Fantastic! Really great job. I wish I had more to say but it's really just a short, sweet game with perfect pixel art graphics, fun rhythm gameplay, and even a scoring system to boot.

Great work!