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1. Play in browser

2. Use mouse

3. Refresh game if you die or lose

interface works great on my android phone u are very creative

it's good my rec is get a real engine like unreal and do stuff

really really really good

animations and sound design all there

i think you're special

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sick! (i wanted to make a similar game for this jam. you nailed it. love your translation of the storm theme into simple mechanics, also nice gameplay and sound too)

it's great


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This is really good, I actually wanted to do a submission like this, myself, for the jam. I like your idea of "boulder" being a mechanic

this is great looks like a genesis game plays well could use better music 

you deserve high marks for creativity given you used freely avaiable resources! play my game!!

i like the design i like the creativity you rule

fun like flappy bird!

Season completed I am inspired

the design is top tier

everything really i will be supporting

I loved the look the game design was sleek and beautiful congrats on finishing

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i really liked this.

what i appreciate is your execution of a difficult idea it doesnt seem very fun tho

it's ok. music is good the graphics are great the gameplay works

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so i will try and rate this, as a noob:

i liked the game. it is hard to play and im pretty sure you cannot attack enemies but aside from that the objective is to survive, not just attack enemies so perhaps you could factor that (allow for periods of invincibility)

pretty good the controls are slick maybe add some friction / less sensitivity

very lit

do the controls work?

this looks amazerz

Short Answer: This is the game I felt like making

Long Answer: sorry. lol i was away from my computer (that may be a more common thing that will happen)

So i've done a jam like this b4 Meditation requires a big of self-reflection so I made a game about having a pet You can win by doing nothing bc having the pet die is upsetting okay so next you can "play a piano" by pressing any key this is sig by a change in the music but the fish will, as you turn away start to flip out you gotta feed it / pay attention to it bc it will grow

it's not a fleshed out idea i hope u experienced some weirdness m'dude


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great execution of the challenge / prompt / theme

i liked the graphics i liked the music too i liked the gameplay the design was a bit uninspired you could have added more sound effects, a better camera, more quick time events etc