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Max Warsinke

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Thanks mate, glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you very much for your appreciation!
And you're right. It really needs some sound, hopefully I'll find some time in near future. :)

Very interesting, I learned a lot about doors.

Haha. Something secret can be found. I wanted to keep it mysterious. :)
Thanks for "playing"

Not sure if you're ironic. :D

Have you found the ghost?

Dimonasdf seems to be a very special bartender.  :D Thanks for playing! 

Thank you very much! Yeah, splashing sounds and particles would be awesome! Android version ist almost ready. :)


Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you, and I apologize for making it so hard, but since it's very repetitive after I while, I prefer the short session length!

I could upload a .apk if you use android! :)

Oh, you have an idea why? Thanks for playing! 

Yeah I know, hehe.. Thanks for playing!

Wasn't sure about the perfect temperature, I guess I have to include a customize option, haha!

You mind sharing on which platform you tried it and at what point of the game the error occurred?

That's actually pretty good! Thanks for playing!

Cheers! :)

Thank you! Yeah, I wanted to have some flappy bird feels with difficulty :D

Thanks man! Yeah I wish I had some time for some juicy sounds. Perhaps I'll include some later :)

Oh damn, I forgot to include it. It's now downloadable on the page. Thank you very much.  :)

Love it! And congratulations on beating it!

The player character is so cute! Sometimes a bit confusing but I guess that was intended. 
Nice work guys!

Is it correct that you can fly over the level by keeping space pressed? If yes, it feels very weird, almost like cheating

Really, really nice! Funny and scary experience at the same time! 
That girl with jumping ropes, I almost cried

Loved it!
Right amount of metaness without ruining the fun! And of course the soundtrack, awesome!

I don't really get it. What should I do?

Very nice! Especially the lightbulb was impressive!

I fell asleep at my sisters birthday party :(

Nice concept overall! Can image that this routine can be very exhausting irl..