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yeah I didn't think bout' that

I wish there was Mac 😢 


I don't understand 😬 do I get damaged by the ghosts? but otherwise pretty juicy and fun

Mac or WebGL pls its not that hard I love your YouTube and I am subscribed but I can play very few of your games

nice liked the AI of the enemies

surprisingly this game is quite addicting I played through it several times with a high score of 203 I think you could add a few other enemies(slower more health, coins) also if the white rod moved a little faster it would feel a little more snappy, also some screen shake and particles would really boost the juiciness or game feel, but otherwise really nice BTW liked illusionist Platformer 😃

maybe make an upgrade where the auto clicker clicks faster(would be more satisfying)

webGL or Mac pleeeaaasssee

no I was about to submit it and it turned 601 and the jam submissions page was closed

but my game page isn't working right now anyway 😢 😔 

if anyone wants to play it her is the link I have never been so disappointed this is my first jam 😢 

I've never seen a game work on all devices before that is really cool 😎 

its level 4 I still can't get thru the wall

my high score on hard is 47 sec      CAN YOU BEAT IT???

I made it so that you need to pick up the c balls because if you don't you lose

controlls are responsive and juicy pretty cool game  with nice graphics

only con is that the shadows are a little unrealistic

cool graphics but couldn't figure out how to get thru the wall btw very intuitive 😁 


good controls, very intuitive

love the art


can you make it so I can see the walls

I didnt see any enemies so maybe make them spawn more often

really really nice tho considering its still in development good luck 😃 

nice game love the controls all of your games are great

good idea ill try and implement that sometime in the next week    

it still doesn't work but It might just be my computer if you could upload to webGL it should work for all platforms 👍

I would play but it doesn't work on Mac 😭

really hard but also super fun

I would play but I'm on Mac :(

this game is suuuuper awesome 😎 

what do  I do??


right arrow and left arrow

why no Mac 😭😭😭😭😭

pretty sick 👌