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wow this game changed so much since i last saw it.

too bad i'll never be able to play it till it comes on console. since steam doesn't accept my payments. but keep up the good work!

oh and also i was wondering how the multiplayer servers will work. will i need to use things like hamachi for online multiplayer and will the normal multiplayer be only lan? otherwise will they be a feature to host a server and join servers?

hi i was wondering if they would be a time slow down in multiplayer? (like when your a hacker and you use the laptop times slows down?)

and also when creative mode comes out will they be extra characters we can play as? such as ghost and robot? ghost will have all the same powers the naked guy has but the ghost can go through stuff and it can't hurt people? and robot should be like a slow character that has loads of hp and infinite rockets?

it does e_e

can't agree more :3

true i had this problem too. but i set the lighting to full and it works fine :D

online multiplayer?? the game is now set to a whole new level O_O

WOW! thanks for replying! and i CAN'T WAIT for the game to be done :D

Maybe You Should Add a Creative Mod with any weapon you want and godmode. maybe even a feature to add buffs? still one of the best games i ever played!

10/10 MaxGn