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You're a beautiful human being, and I appreciate you and all your creative endeavors! Thanks!

Hi! Is there a bundle option to purchase both Troika and D&D versions? I have players on both sides of the fence and I'd love to run this for both groups :)

When I first ran it, one of my players had the brilliant idea to try to scale the outside of the tower. *Internal screaming* I let him, and he eventually found one of the vents, which he NATURALLY wanted to climb inside. Even after an ambiguous warning, and telling him he'd have to drop his shield and pack to fit, he insisted on trying to shimmy through the Wizard vent...

And that's the story of how a player died even before the party entered the tower. It was glorious.

Thanks so much! Getting Ready to run this again for Halloween! I had a player specifically ask for me to run this again for his group. Great job!

Oh that's really exciting! I'm going to run the module again for a different group next Thursday. If it'd be helpful, I could compile feedback and reactions from my players for you. If there's anything I can do to be of support, don't hesitate to let me know!

I supported this on Kickstarter, and I just ran my first session of A WIZARD. I'll have to say, without hyperbole, this is one of the coolest, most fascinating, and best modules I've ever read in my 20 years of DMing. I think this would fall in my top three favorite modules. But accolades aside, I'm torn how to review this without spoilers; part of the joy I got from this module was simply to read and discover the wizard's tower.

The tower itself has great encounters that are briefly, succinctly, and imaginatively written, allowing for a lot of improv and exploration. The tower doesn't have random encounters, and other typical OSR elements, instead drilling down to the weird, and focusing on wet, raw horror; we started playing as OSE and the game felt like Mörk Borg by the end of the session.

There's a delicious internal commentary the WIZARD shares with the DM; things are definitely NORMAL and very OKAY. Disobedient apprentices get WHAT THEY DESERVE. This creature has a perfectly NORMAL AMOUNT OF LIMBS...etc

I'm a cheapskate at times, but I will tell you that the $8 (current price) is far too low. The quality of the writing and art is worth much, much more. I'd love to see this embellished further in the future, expanding the town, enriching those NPCs, and incorporating the abyss better (e.g.: what if the players become apprentices? Or, where did the WIZARD come from? The abyss could be used to flesh that out more). 

But if you like horror (gore, body horror, suspense), like to mess with your players, and have a visceral good time, BUY THIS MODULE. (Disclaimer: I have no financial ties; I just was really dang impressed with this module).

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What system and player levels was this designed for? I'm planning to run this at a small con and I'm trying to figure the best way to run it. Maybe B/X 3rd level?  Or maybe modify it to run on Tunnel Goons?