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One of the best games I have played in this jam! I got really engaged and played for nearly 30 minutes! Everything is good about your game: music, sounds, controls, graphics, gameplay. 10/10 from me ❤

Cool concept and a fun gameplay! Well done ❤

It was a surprise to me that you made these models and this map yourself! I would recommend using unreal engine for such atmospheric games as it would look better, in my personal opinion of course. Really well done Egorobi!

That is such a simple, but a fun concept! I reached a score of 70)) Well done bigspajeti ❤

A very cool concept, gets progressively more difficult and I like it)  Fits very nicely with the theme of the week, good job!

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Creative idea and a fun game. 9.5/10. Cool design by the way.

Aubry, that was very fun, wish you could make more levels))

missionfmb, that was hard, completed first 2 levels, but the third was too hard for me. Loved the game, good job! 

Love your game ! Very engaging and fun!  It would be nice if you could explain the reason for turning the light on and off in your game. The best game I have played so far.

Love it 🦇

This is my first too man!!