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I agree this is probably one of the dumbest games in the jam, haha. I didn't even think of adding some way to remove pastas; that would have been a good idea, but oh well. A friend suggested that I should make it so pastas can only overlap based on the glue used, so I'll keep both of your comments about different glue usage in mind. I love your pasta man drawing, and thanks for the comment!

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Other than the startup issue I had, this game is wonderful. I wish there was a way to make it full screen, or change the location so you had different ground to work off of, but the concept is great, the game plays well and works for the most part, it's impressive for a game made in 84 hours, and the music is very fitting and calming.

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Wait, actually, it started working now. I have no idea what the issue was, but you may want to look into it? If you would like, I could send you the error message that I got. I did not save an image of the factory error, but I got another one later while trying to build a house.

This game looks really nice, and the music sounds great, but every time I try to make a factory, I get a fatal error :(

*Warning, this comment contains spoilers if you have not played the game yet*

This game was a blast to play! This was a fantastic way of taking a basic platformer and breaking the 4th wall. A few things. First of all, for your first game, this was great. The game felt fantastic for a Scratch game, and it was higher quality than I expected. The jumps are a bit weird on slanted platforms if you're moving, but I think that's a scratch thing with bitmap and edges and it didn't impact my gameplay at all. I feel like the boss fight could have been shorter, as 8 lives for a boss who has pretty much the same attack pattern gets a bit boring, so maybe reduce it to 4 or 5 instead. The music doesn't loop perfectly on the final fight, but if you shorten the fight, most people probably won't run into this issue. Not a perfect fix, but in my experience, Scratch doesn't do well with music and sounds in terms of timing. As a ending side note, it's cool that you put your project file as something people can download and look at, but it does mean that people can just steal your game, so you may want to remove that.

All in all, good game, keep creating, and I hope to see more cool things from you in the future!

I enjoyed this game a lot. It's slow and calm, and I like how even though a lesson could be gleaned from each character, it's also very much just an experience, a world with characters to interact with and learn a bit about before sending them off.

This was very interesting and fun to play though! It was weird, and it freaked me out a bit, but overall, it was a nice experience.

This game is wonderful to play through! I love the art style, and the puzzles are well designed. The animation was smooth, the music was fitting and atmospheric, and even though the ending was kind of cliche, it was still good and I liked it. My two critiques are that 1. You should have zipped the game files in a folder before uploading, because anyone who wants to play the game has to download all four files individually, and 2. You may want to write in the description somewhere that you can change your interaction type with right click and that there's a menu if you hover your mouse at the top, as I did not realize this for a bit. This game is simplistic, but it's a short and sweet point-and-click and I enjoyed it.

This is a charming, wonderful little game! I found all 50 hearts, and it was a delight to play through it. I can't wait to see what you make in the future!