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No offense to You-know-what, as it is my sweet child and contains my new waifu but seriously i adore this type of horror. it didn't just leave me with a slight quake and general anger because jesus no matter what you tell me that screne was a jumpscare this is like genuinely, actual middle-of-the-night-wakeup-nightmare scary. and i ADORE it. your artstyle is amazing btw. its so original and not in the everyoneone is special tumblr way, the really cool type. i like horror that knows you're scared. that note two is like why would you do that stop. like just aghhghghg i love this game so muuchhh! i'm too much of a traumatized wreck to go for the bad endings but i bet they are great too lol.

im bad at saying things without explaining how they are better than other things, but i love this game, horror that isn't trying to be anything else, and that thing at the good end so SWEET my HEART????? 

tldr, ur game is cool

this game is fantastic

bad end 2 brought me to tears

so um

i really super love your games, and this one in particular

i have played all of them, and have just finished the final ending on mermaid splash

your stories are so nice and your art is adorable and i have actually played this one about 5 times

im super excited for the 5th installment in the lonely wolf treat series

your games have actually inspired me to start trying to make visual novels of my own

i dont really have a game idea yet but i do have renpy so thats a start

all of your characters and games are great and i hope you continue making games in the future

do you have any tips for coming up with VN ideas or just making VN's in general?

anyways, i'm gonna go play romance detective again

and maybe this one after that

thanks for reading


i really love the art and stuff for this game! its adorable! i love the main characters concept and the whole concept is super cool, but i dont think i will be able to play the game, because i am super impatient among other things and wouldn't be able to spend time every day playing this game, but i love the concept and i'm sure i would adore it if the time you had to wait wasnt a whole day.

also, in the discordy type menu, the buttons in the bottom right have very weird hitboxes, but thats understandable given this is for a game jam

good game tho

super cute

cant say much more than that though