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Maybe the floor is super slippery and the corpses just slide around

so i figured out the huge download was due to the audio since the programs i used to convert SB3 into EXE had problems with audio in games made with the engine i used if scratch is considered an engine

i fixed the problem but the page is not public anymore since the game is a complete failure

karlson is a game that currently has 2 versions, the demo (this version) and the full release on steam that the developer Dani is still working on, wishlisting the full release on steam would be really cool so wishlist now!

huston we got a problem, the spaceship is about to self destruct who the heck installed self destruct on a spaceship?

how do i play the game? it's impossible to play because evrey time the page spits out an error

i got the right answer and i lost a life, is this some sort of bug or is it intentional?

after a while the antivirus money thing stops working, i inserted more nodons and it stopped working

really liked this game, really fun and informational, i used the password i used to complete the game as my new password it has a lot of symbols, small, big and digitized letters and it's really long even longer than the last password to crack

really good game but it's a little bit too easy, you should add hard mode

upgrade your pc, what windows are you running?

ok, i also developed a game and have problems with making windows executables, i understand the trouble needed when using engines that don't let you output executables

why is this small game paid?

can you make a version for windows?

I will fix that later when i have time

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Going to fix that by making the borders deadly

edit: fixed it, if you go to the new page it should be fixed, not many people is downloading it and it's clear why

They can't move one up and the other down, they both move the same direction so what you said is impossible unless it's a bug, if it's a bug that lets you do that then send me a video, probably will fix that

Thanks for the suggestion, im going to work on a difficulty system when i have time, it will be probably something with the score like higher ia the score higher is the speed

Thanks, anyways im going to update it when i have time, if you want you can play it online on the scratch website

I had to do 10 steps only for the .EXE file and other 5 to compress it to a .ZIP because my pc would deny me, anyways you can play it online on the scratch website if you don't want to download it


I programmed them to die if they touch each other, i they don't then it's a problem with the .exe