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Max Gokue

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indie developer can be this good

oh man look at the graphics, i cant feel my eyes

sorry hakita, u know many of us cant afford it, even if i wont get the pirated version many others will, i suggest u to use online encrypted activation so it doesnt get cracked please.

u r wlcm, i wish i can be an artist and developer too

you are just amazing

its fine bro, first time it happened with me in the middle of download new update, and great game, its a lot scary man, i cant only play it at day time

as the download reached 90 it stopped, when i tried to refresh it it wasnt there , saw a new update just rn wow, nice timing

thanks man i will give it a try, i would have told someone like u to draw for me but the problem is i want to be it my way, the way i imagine,  i can draw goku well but no one else, the biggest issue is drawing them from different position. anyways thanx

thanks for the info, i will give koikatsu a try, thanx a lot, and keep up ur project, dont be like valve.

thanks friend, ok i will try daz 3d today again, honey select size is huge so not a chance, and hey one final question i have that kaikatsu thing too, i couldnt play the game as it lagged a lot but it works in customizing the girl, i was amazed by that game`s customizations, so what u did is u change a pos of the girl and clothes,  body etc, then u take pic of it and used it cropped in ur game with background? like u have in tales of unity?

i m happy i got a reply, so u do the coding and also this drawing stuff and story all by urself??, i m learning renpy but making(drawing) character for that game is a lot of pain coz i just dont understand where to star some suggest krita, some photoshop and i cant understand any of em rn i have like almost all the game engines e.g renpy, tyranobuilder, rpg maker mv, unity, godot, game maker studio,daz studio, photoshop cc, krita, clip studio paint, zbrush, fps creator, blender, coppercube but i dont have knowledge of any of em, i can draw simple character but when it comes to complex things like hands, legs, different pos, i just cant do it,i downloaded tons of tutorials for renpy but they arent helpful they make mistake which ruins all the progress for me,  i also downloaded tutorials to make drawing like u professionals but those r tough too, probably because i m a slow learner, anyways i m not asking for tutorial or anything to waste ur time, but i m just saying, i want to be developer and its becoming painful

well i have a question how did u make this or with which software?

your game is awesome, it has such an amazing story, it feel like playing an fps game,i really love your work.and i wanted to know how u made those 3d model, i mean with daz 3d or something else?