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Go left and get out of the room then start clearing the fire from outside

Amazing! I love run & gun games like this. Though I feel like the boss is a bit annoying, considering that you have to stand on the edge of the platform so that the boss would actually be vulnerable. Also, his chainsaw range is terrifying, 60% of the time I jumped off the platform he would do a 180 and hit me. Though I finally beat it, and victory never tasted so sweet. Would love to see what else this game would bring if you're still updating it.

Had a great time! Although I say Chad mode is nothing much different from Larry (As I like to call it). After like 3 bosses, you're pretty much unstoppable. So maybe increase the enemy health and their damages? Would love to see the full version.

Grab a bomber (which is what I like to call them), kick him immeditelly then grab another, repeat and grab the last guy, quickshot the 2 guys you grabbed and finish the third with a headshot. Yes this does require you to have close to full ammo

So a new video soon?

I can't wait for the complete version of this. Had fun with the demo, though crash multiple times. I'm unable to beat the boss because of this. Would love to try again when it's patch

The game is great! I have a blast with my experience. I would love to see more characters, more maps, more guns (if you're planing so) 

Either way, keep on the good work

I hated that I can made a love story between a snail and a duck. Amazing games btw, I had a great time

I can see that the game is easy but it is something to play in your free time

Considering doing this is better watching paint dry in quaratine