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really great game :)

my best was 1159

I just realized that acronym for this game is LSD

This is really great game. It's super hard but in good way. When you lose you feel that it was your fault and next time it will get better. My best score was 1800 :)

That planting mechanic is realy great idea and it's fun to use it. Over all it's really great game but I think that it could look better if you used more colors. It looks like you made this game only using one color palete. More colors will make your game looks more alive. 

I realy like this one :)

Great mechanics :)

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I had really cool idea for game last week, i have never build a prototype or made art for it. It's just idea. 

Can i make game for this jam around it? I am asking because the rules says that all work on game must be done in time of jam


Is there any way how to enable actor collision in platformer mode?

Love this :)

amazing :)

Nice game for relax

Good work :)

Thanks for reply and that link :)

I made copy of my project before i open it in gb studio 3 so i can open that original project in gb studio 2 again.

And also many thanks for you made this program with many and many opotions to be creativa and in what i can make super games what i can play on my old gameboy. It alvays make me hapy work on game in your program :)

you did good work and thanks good you continue in it.  Many thanks for everything.


I have working two years on game and now if i put it to gb studio 3 it does not work!!!

I tryed to download gb studio 2 again but it disapeared from whole internet.

Please if you know how to fix this or if you have copy of gb studio 2 REPLY!!!

Thanks you for help :)

GBJAM 9 community · Created a new topic PLEASE HELP ME

By mistake i deleted all game files from my project :(

I wanted to edit full screen mode and i thought if i edit this i must load files again so i deleted them.

While jam is not posibe to reload them.

If anybody know how to fix it please help me.