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do you plan on elaborating on this? so many great concepts already, feels amazing to play.

Damn I knew this game was crisp for a reason. Loved breakmetal.

very solid, this still happening?

damn, wish I could play this, my pc slows to a crawl on the opening loading screen.

Looking pretty slick, did you design everything yourself? Also, I find it impressive and hilarious that tumblr's theme editor can handle what is essentially an entire restructure of tumblr's layout, and that it allows you to do this in the first place.

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is there a place I can get the soundtrack?

Edit: nvm, found the readme, is there a list of songs used? Great music choice! the music for each stage fit perfectly, especially the last two. The whole concept of the game is pretty cool as well, I hope you elaborate on it!

Glad to see that this is still alive, I'm looking forward to future updates!

Game won't launch. The process starts, but it closed before even a window can open. Help?

love it, this ever gonna get a followup?

It's alright, glad you responded at all! Found a fix a while back, don't remember what, though. The game was pretty good.

The game crashes right after the splash cards, any idea what's up?