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the music is so good.

it's like stalker lite

In the quiet shade
Across old bark
In the ancient glade
It's always dark

I will say that so far the theming in each route seems soapbox-y? But it's not a bad thing. It's nice how each character seems to have some sort of thematic pillar, and something to take away from their conversations. It feels on the nose at times, but I think the attempt is appreciated enough that it doesn't really bother me, it's charming even.

iirc Ren'Py does have a tool available for porting vns to their android build of Ren'Py.

perhaps, but something needed to be said just in case it was not, in fact, a funny. I misunderstand things in the same way all the time lol.

I think they mean the smartphone os

I'm inclined to agree. The sprites feel.... Lowkey? It's absolutely in line with the rest of the atmosphere.

I haven't gotten around to Jorgen or Lake's route, but mikko gives off such good vibes. Reminds me of some people I know.

Bruh I'm like only quarter gay, and this shit is great. I need more cozy vns

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Missed name opportunity; Heelies and Feelies

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Ah, I think I know what went amiss. I used the itch desktop client, and it's possible that it's download function just installed it right over top a very old version. Thanks for the help.

Just downloaded the latest build, 0.5.5. I've sent the log at the time of this post.

I may be a doofus, but I can't seem to be able to go north? All the doors leading north are blocked.

this is the futur

Is the music in the shop based off something? The tune sounds very familliar.

That was cute, and a little heartbreaking. Hope Alie gets a happy ending somewhere.

consider me hype

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Wait, that was a demo? I mean, it was short, but it felt so complete. I didn't even think of the possibilities of what the three endings lead into.

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Probably the most natural characters and dialogue I've ever seen from a VN. Ken and Kyou have an actual relationship beyond protagonist and weirdo-likely-pervert friend with no other character traits, which is actually weirdly rare. Come to think of it, even Ken has seemed to have avoided the ever present VN protagonist syndrome. Great work, yo.

I like the small edition of the little voice sample for the text. It's such a small thing, but it somehow gives a bit more voice to the characters, which is neat.

Either that or just go through what's happening and make sure the music fits the tone of the scene. Where did the music come from, by the way? It's really interesting music for a VN.


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Really like the new update, but I think the music  could use a little more variaton. Sometimes the tone of the music doesn't match the pace of the story.

Damn I knew this game was crisp for a reason. Loved breakmetal.

very solid, this still happening?

damn, wish I could play this, my pc slows to a crawl on the opening loading screen.

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is there a place I can get the soundtrack?

Edit: nvm, found the readme, is there a list of songs used? Great music choice! the music for each stage fit perfectly, especially the last two. The whole concept of the game is pretty cool as well, I hope you elaborate on it!

Game won't launch. The process starts, but it closed before even a window can open. Help?

love it, this ever gonna get a followup?

It's alright, glad you responded at all! Found a fix a while back, don't remember what, though. The game was pretty good.

The game crashes right after the splash cards, any idea what's up?