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A member registered Oct 28, 2016

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Give us an ingame VSYNC disable option, bullet coloring option (choose colors) and also aim-down-sight sensitivity setting, i would like to reduce it. Now you can only have a fixed ration between ADS and no-ADS sensitivity. I would like my no-ads sens to stay as it is, but ADS sens to be reduced. Need a scale for that.

I cant say exactly why but i dont like ADS feeling now. I thin sensitivity in sight is too high so it feels wrong.

Also, maybe increase ammo replenishing rate? maybe 1 clip at a time?

Also, bots should sometimes leave the car when attacked. They just jump in and suicide refusing to get out and shoot :D

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Ok it feels like aim down sight has mouse acceleration OR the game has vsync on OR we just need a proper ADS sensitivity setting (like scope, but for ads).

Mouse accel, bad mouse delays, drunk mouse movement and VSYNC are unacceptable in an FPS game. All this adds mouse delay and hampers aiming.

2) Also give us an option to change bullet color. Yellow/orange bullets kind of blend with the dustbowl's setting and you cant see them.