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Thanks for that info... what about when the actual game reaches release state? Will the itch version stay up to date? or at that point are just supposed to use Steam? Really looking for a DRM-free copy for my laptop when I'm travelling, etc.

Ah, yah... I'm totally cool with that. Didn't know that's the way it worked. I added it to my Steam wishlist and will keep an eye on it there. Thanks!

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Where on the download page... I can't find it (:

Crazy cool game by the way! Never even heard of it till I was browsing here on itch... I'll spread the word!

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Does this build get updated inline with the Steam version?

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Just bought Tacoma here on itch and it was awesome it came with a Steam key... DRM-free copy + Steam = insta-buy

Does this game come with a Steam key as well?