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IT Would be perfect too :333

Thx pal. I am gonna try it. I hope it works

I really loved this game. As always Nami is a god. :3 Ahn... someone has a tip to get the last third memorie before the endings? Thanks again by another precious game! The humanity should save it like a treasure for all the future. 

I loved this game. I hope it gets done soon. :3 I want to play more and more. The game creator really knows how to make perfect histories. S2

I get all the endings less the worst ending. Wow... I never thought on that. By the way i loved this game. Its really great and cute! :333333 S2

Trick can be the next one? :3

Maybe Mochi?! :33

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! thx!!! I love yooou :333333! You are the best!!!

I played all these four games and finished with my heart melting on sighs and inspiring hapiness. I really want to contribute but i cant. I would pay you 100 if i could  ; = ;. I just created a account here to say the how much i love your games.