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The art is amazing, I can barely wait

I cant wait for its realese! Keep up the good work!

Yess! its good to see the project progressing,slowly but surely ;3 I will be waiting as long as it takes, if the first Nusantara was so good, i cant wait to see how good this one is going to be. I miss Reksa, tho... TOT I hope we can see him in some other game someday.

its okay, im replaying the 1st nusantara, doing Reksa's route for the 12i93283287344th time x3 I can live with that! Though.. its a shame there arent any fanfiction or fanarts x,x but anyway, Reksa is helping a lot xD so dont worry

Its okay, good games take time x3 if the first Nusantara was amazing, then this one is bound to be even better. I can wait a little bit more ;)

Oh gosh! Im saving my pennies, i will buy this game as soon as its available! Been a fan of yours since i played "Leyend of the winged ones". I already played the demo and I can tell this game will be amazing.