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It must be your internet connection. If it still doesn't work, then wait for the next update.

I think I've worked out a better solution for this problem! Check out the description to see for yourself!

Thank you for explaining this to me. It seems this whole idea of aromanticism, mental disorder and asexuality is a heavy subject. Our actual idea is to make the a game about a guy who cannot feel romantic love then surpasses this to end the story in good terms. I will personally take down this subject and replace it with a better, unoffensive one. We will happily accept any idea that the community comes up with. If you have one, don't hesitate to tell me about it. Again, thank you for pointing this out. Changes will be made soon.

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Sorry about that... I'll be sure to change it! I was in the middle of re-editing it from disorder to being aromantic. I guess it didn't save properly... Thank you for pointing it out!