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Since rating text doesn't show on itch, here's a little review!

This is such a cute game, and the awkwardness of the main character resonated with me entirely too much. :-D I love when a game is small and does exactly what it's intending to do, no cruft. That's something npckc is great at.

This was such a delight to play. It felt personal and intimate in a way that can be hard to achieve. Haru's experiences and feelings are clearly her own, but it's also clear that they probably aren't very unusual. (And the art style! I ooh'd and aah'd all the way through at the cute art.)

Thank you for making and sharing it!

No spoilers here. I was blown away by the art and writing in this game. I streamed this (a whooole lot of reading), and it was well worth reading all the emails, posters, little notes, etc. The writing does a good job of unfolding in a way that the twists catch you off guard, while staying true to the themes and conventions of the genre(s).

This is a lovely game. Beautiful aesthetic, fun gameplay, great music. Thank you for making it!