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Maven Consortium

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Hi everyone,

I've brought along some audio recording gear for general use. This includes a condenser mic + stand, and a pre-amp. If you need to use them for recording anything, just ask Ducky where they are. To use it, you just need to plug the pre-amp USB into your laptop, and record in your favourite audio program (e.g. Audacity, whatever).

If you have no clue about audio, just ask me, and I'll be happy to get you started.

However, a few things about the use of the gear.

1) You'll probably need the driver, here:

2) There is one button on the pre-amp (the little red box) that you please MUST NOT press. It's the "48v" phantom power button (this button will have a red or yellow LED on when the system is working). The reason for not pressing this is just because the spring is having trouble, and it needs to remain pushed in for the mic to work.

3) Feel free to adjust any of the other dials as you see fit.

4) You may need some headphones if you want to hear yourself as you are recording. I have a pair you can borrow if needed - come see me.

Please just treat the gear with respect, and all will be well!

Have fun at the Jam guys,

Nicholas King

Hi TasJammers. We're Philip Loenneker and Nicholas King - a.k.a. Maven Consortium. We're a pretty new startup when it comes to making games, but we've got one mobile game project on rapid boil - a physics survival game set in space - and are hugely looking forward to the Jam tomorrow. (We even got ourselves t-shirts for the event, so the enthusiasm is rather overflowing!)

In short, Philip is technical stuff (development, IT, networking), and Nick is creative stuff (design, art, writing). But we overlap a bit on those too, and are always back and forth with ideas.

We've literally launched our website and social media stuff today, coincidentally just in time for the jam, so you can find us here at, and on Facebook and Twitter. Our web presences are pretty new, but more content will be arriving soon.

Looking forward to some fun if busy times over the next couple of days :)

PS Definitely a horse-sized duck. Then you could tame it and fly wherever you wanted.