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cool game some of the jumpscares actually made me jump 

neat game actually felt a chill go down my spine when i saw how close the monster was behind me during the chase.

not sure if there was another ending but i liked the game and i curious to see what games you make next. 

this is an old recording that I haven't uploaded till now. but i did want to let you know that i liked the game :) 

sick game i liked it a lot :)

nice game only problem i encountered was when the key came out of the vending machine it fell out of the map but other than that it was a pretty good game. cant wait for your next game. 

check out my vid if you want :)

pretty good short horror game definitely worth checking out

check out my vid if you want :)

short but nice i was expecting some big jumpscare lol

check out my vid if you want :)

this game was pretty cool. i did have a pretty hard time finding the text on the wall that said door though lol.

check out my vid if you want :)

well the game was bugged out and i couldnt continue forwards plus the audio broke my recording so there isnt much audio. but maybe ill give it another try sometime.

but hey at least it made for a decent vid 

check out my vid if you feel like it :)

pretty creepy there was a lot of classic unsettling videos.

check out my vid if you want :)

pretty cool game. highly recommend checking it out.

check out my vid :)

very interesting cool experience 

it was pretty cool

 aside from the bugs good game i enjoyed it a lot and it was pretty fun 

check out my vid if you want :)

lol this was a pretty fun game it was like a goofier version of imposter hide.

had fun recording it and im pretty happy with the vid.

check out my vid and channel :)

game was pretty decent. i did find the game kinda confusing cause i didnt know where i was supposed to go next on some parts. but other than the game was pretty decent.

check out my vid its pretty epic :)

really cool so far havent really played a game like this on my channel 

i hope lots of people check this game out cause its pretty cool

check out my vid if you feel like it :) 

very good game i liked it a lot 

found the chase pretty good and overall pretty short and sweet game 

check out my vid if you want :)

cool game like really cool i loved it so far 

i had a fun time playing and recording it 

check out my vid if you feel like it :)

fun game i found the part with the spaghetti funnny and liked the look of the game aswell 

check out my vid if you feel like it :)

someone in my comments told me to speedrun so heres that i guess

very cool and unique concept enjoyed it a lot and had a fun time recording it 

and for how short it is it felt like i had been through a journey 

check out my vid on it if you feel like it <3 stay safe out there guys 

had this game on my pc didnt play it till recently and thought it might be good for a vid. and it was very cool game liked it alot.

check out my vid if you feel like it :)

while the game wasn't exactly challenging the jump scares actually got me which hasn't actually happened in a while. so that was pretty cool.

anyways here's my vid check it out if you feel like it.

lol this game was pretty goofy but i had fun 

check out my channel if you feel like it 

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just finished playing through chapter 1 and so far its pretty good the movement is a little wonky and it made some parts difficult and made me a bit mad. but overall had a lot of fun. 

Edit: forgot to mention im a big fan of the animated bits 

you can check out my vid if you want 

i will be playing chapter 2 soon

very cool and unique the chases were pretty cool and well done I liked everything about it.

check out my video if you feel like it.

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game was pretty decent overall had some fun playing it.

check out my video if you feel like it.

this was a cool and interesting experience for what it was i enjoyed it

i definitely recommend checking this out  

fun game liked it and had fun recording it 

definitely recommend checking it out 

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very unique environment. very fun i enjoyed :)

short interesting experience I enjoyed playing

good game pretty unique had a lot of fun playing 
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it was pretty good there was a bug where after leaving the vents when i entered them again i got sent back to the beginning. i was gonna record and then post on youtube but my recording stopped on obs and i lost all of the gameplay so thats a big oof. but good demo cant wait for the final.

i enjoyed this game and thought it was really well done cant wait for more games. no commentary because i feel like the video is better without it. 

i liked this game it was well made and i am exited for more games in the future