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Maureen "Momo" Wang

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Thanks John - that is wonderful to hear!

Re: font - done! We're still continuously working on expanding the game with more mechanics, characters, and scenes. If you're interested in learning about our workflow, you can check out our blog here.  Thanks for the suggestion, and thanks for playing! 🦔✨

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Hi Quobdup, thanks for the video and helpful feedback. From the room with the water coolers, you should go left into the file room, access the computers, and then head out the exit. I was not involved in the programming over the 48 hours that the current build was created in (only for character design/sprites, some art, and story (that didn't fully make it into the game)) but I should have some time this summer to dig into the code and make the game a little more playable. I hope you can revisit the game then!