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Sassy pretty dolls are always great lol. But no, mostly because she is like a privileged robot that can cheat her way to a better life but she tries to be a normal living being and want to be respected despite the discriminating rules of the world's order and how she implies that because of that, her kind is getting more rare and probably almost extinct. And also how she points out that some kind of people are hanging out in a certain area and it just gives more understanding of the social class that was going on. Or maybe I just liked a character that hates literally everyone lol.

Vivietta makes me a lot more interested in the universe omg. I'm so excited for more content!

I know the robots and time travel examples are there already, but I just want to make sure. Since I am not experienced in philosophy, is it okay if it's just random folk wisdom instead of actually educational in philosophy? I've a story idea that I'm planning to turn into a visual novel game and I thought I'll give this jam a try, but I'm afraid it won't fit the philosophical theme if it needs to be educative. 

Thanks! And of course. With more areas to explore, more endings, some more 'real' puzzles, possibly more than just royalty free music, turned the intro into an actual game sequence, it'll be more interesting

The cheesy things you would just fall in love with ❤️

I went in without knowing anything other than the developer supported Maximum Monster Month! 2 and I ended up kissing Elsie on my first run. Not really into the racism theme, but I liked the characters. I loved Elsie and Deka. Cailean is an interesting character too, but I guess he and Nikolai are a bit overly stereotyped. I really enjoyed the game, it's been a while since I am lost in a visual novel without judging it too harshly.

I really loved the sounds. Neat little game.

Wow! Thanks for that. There is a guide to the game that will show you how to progress since there is no tutorial in the game. I recommend to check it out. :)

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Ah! Thanks for the review!

The guide doesn't contain that much spoiler because there is so much distraction in the game that's not entirely progress, it also contains some tips to progress and to reveal more story.

The silence when you first got in is an error, I don't know how to fix this but from some research I found out that it's just RPG Maker taking a long time to load up the music.

There is a shortcut in the town area right at the bottom of the long building because I thought it's a hassle to walk an U path again if you want to get to the other side. But if the error is not this, then please inform me further about it.

And that knife is not supposed to be picked up because it's not a very useful item. (the shear is designed to be found when you are further into the game, I thought the knife can be found too easily and at that point there is not much progress made yet)

Other things are downsides of some decisions made to increase the game's mood, I didn't think it'll be so bad, so sorry about that. If you haven't made it to the end yet, try to explore the maze a bit more. And in this game there is no one straight line of "progress" so you can go back to the places you've visited and might still find something new or interesting, since you can get to the ending in 5 minutes if you follow the guide (it's okay to look at the guide, ways to reach the end is not very obvious).

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Thanks for the feedback! It's just been updated. There is a guide added to get you through the game. Hopefully it won't be as confusing now :)

Please do! It's just been updated. There is a guide to the game now :D