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Cool tool!

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That's the way I played it. Just keep in mind that you can use a Will point to negate 1 damage. After watching him play on his youtube channel it looks like you only take damage when it's the monsters turn & it's Skill Die meets or beats any of your PC's Stamina dice.

Will this one be available in english?

What made you dissatisfied with GIST?

NPCs, okay.

Adjust enemy numbers.


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I know this is intended for traditional group play but what do think should be modified for solitaire play using one single character? Also, can you explain the Stat Scores above 12? I guess a +3 mod is only for point assignment & doesn't apply to rolling 2d6.

I just discovered this. Cool idea. I skimmed over it & I didn't see it actually used anywhere but on page 5, dice code - meaning has D6xD6 result as 1-66. I think it should state 1-36. Just wanted to mention that if you ever get a chance to update. 

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Played one session of this. I had a bit of stalling on my end, just my imagination & getting my bearings with using the solo engine I suppose. I really like the layout & the art that's presented in the right places giving you enough for your imagination to work with & mold without too much detail.

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Thanks for the confirmation. The impression I got was that they would take up slots.
Can I run it with just a single character? I want to give it a try solo.

Tunnel Goons community · Created a new topic Inventory
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Does a character's starting gear take up his inventory slots?

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Have you looked at So1um Expanded Edition by Carsten Rossner?
I like what you've collected here & the Bestiary is nice. My only issue with the Graven Utterance oracle is the doubles = Twist. Rolling doubles doesn't answer my question. It's just a preference thing but that's why I don't use it though I do use a 2d6 method.

I understand.
Sounds good.

Is this still being worked on? Love this idea.