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I also think we need more screenshots from the jam game.

We released the assets used in this game for free:

I made a trailer for this game. 


It's all about perspective!

Ya, as the programmer, I had a hard time keeping up with the composer and the artist. Learn a lot on the fly for this jam.

Great suggestion. I will implement it after the jam!

I don't like up for jump in platformers

Great game!

Ya when I played I didn't have trouble with the collision but after watching others I realized it was a pain point for a lot of people.

It certainly is solvable :D

Great game. Loved it!

Great game. Thought it was cheating, but then I got good. Would make a great mini-game for an RPG or something.

My favorite GMTK game so far.

I'm 40. Game is too hard for a boomer.

I enjoy the art style. I think this is a very interesting concept and I think it could go in a really neat direction!

Very odd but cool. I wasn't sure if I was doing it right. :P

Very nice Camden. Good stuff. I was especially impressed with the AI.

Very interesting idea. I would say to go further, but don't want to mess with Nintendo. lol.

That is a very interesting idea. I could see this working for mobile.

My brain not big enough to beat but super clean execution.

Love me a platformer. There are a lot of places you could take the heaven/hell mechanic. Neat.

Holy guacamole, wonderful art.

Excellent game... keep it going.

Very cool. Cool to see you make a game once in awhile.

This is awesome. I'm using this on my twitch stream!

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Please leave a comment on the game's page if you like it. :D

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I have made a lot of games. Check out my profile. I'm going to make something in Godot for this jam. 

I will be using Godot for this project. Join my server and message me if you are interested. I need art and sound. Send me some stuff you have done in the past. Is there a team size limit?

I want a retro arpg with art like this: 

Yes sorry. barely got anything up at all. I kept fixing those features, and they work now. I'll update after jam.

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More songs from the game :D 

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Hey fellow jammers thanks for all the kind words. If you want to listen to the main song from the game when you are chilling... here it is: 

Also, follow the composer on itch: 

Super flattered you made it that far. I was working on the game right up until the last minute. I agree with your suggestion. I just didn't get to it. 

Yes, I intended initially to make the ship have a stealth mechanic, just never got to it. Thank you for trying

I'll start:

Hello streamers!

I also am looking for an artist as well. need pixel art. join my discord: and message me.

Based on my interpretation of the rules, the leaderboard can be set up after the initial submission on the due date for our game. Thus, as long as the game is functional, we can finish the HTTP stuff at a later date, if we are one of the top three games.

Is this right?

Hey, I've done a bunch of commercial games. I'm looking to do my first game jam on Godot. Check out my profile if you want to see stuff I've done.

This is awesome. I will buy it when I get some more money together.

is this compatible with San_AnalogueMove and San_AnalogueStick? Is it compatible with your character frames plugin as well? I want the functionality in RPG Maker MV.

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Hurry up, finish. I want to play