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Great game. Good stuff.

Just opened these up. They look great. 5 stars.

I used these icons on my game.

When I download the plugin directly, I get version 1.00. If you download the librarian dragonbones demo there is a newer version

Both are free so get the demo. It's also good for learning how to use dragonbones as you can look at some existing action sequences for reference.

I would also be interested in having the action sequences comment content. Save me some time by having something to start with.

Message me about this on discord. I don't want to post publicly and create a president that I will do this for everyone. Message me on Discord ( for a price.|

I have commission prices listed but these don't apply to the specific animation you are looking for.

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No attack animations planned. We actually didn't even use the alien animations in the game project due to time constraints. 

I could probably throw some animations together for a reasonable price. Then you can have exclusivity if you want it. 

Again thanks for using them. :D

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Free asset back with 32x32 tiles.

Wow, I didn't realize we have comments enabled. How cool! I'm glad you liked it!

this shows how to add plugins to your game.

I got your plugin working on android. It seems it was incompatible with this plugin (android):

I love this plugin but I can't get it to work on my android port. Any idea what could be wrong? It usually doesn't want to load the actor's image that shows on level up, when the game is wrapped in an APK. I can't even disable the image. Bit of a bumer.

You can always try and add animations yourself! :D

Game broken. Can't move onto last platform. If you fix it this week, I'll update your score on the gamejam page. Also, I made a sprite for the puppy. You need to ad that.

Wow, this page looks great!

Good stuff, just keep going! :D

Maybe lower the encounter frequency. For some reason, puppy is gaining no experience. Ghouls not supposed to be there right ? Also got stuck in the dungeon.

I love the dungeon. Fun combat. Good job so far.

I love the dungeon. Was really excited to get the airship!

Did I miss it. Shouldn't that be in the description? :P

Super good proof of concept . Not a full demo. I hope to see the full demo soon.

are the tiles 48by48?

I gave up during the battle system. Was good until that.