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Very impolite that you do not spell his name correctly... 


:( Ok!

No way. It opens but doesn't work correctly.

This is, how it looks.  The menu- and the questionmark-button are working... but still no game. :(

Yes, I will try this!

Thanx Mateusz!

And merry christmas! :)


I have the same problem. :(

Ok, I'll try this one, too.

Many thanks for you kind advices.

I opened the game exactly the way you told me. 

What is the SWF version?

I just wanted to play it now, but there is only a black scene. I can go back to the menu and I hear the sound, but can nothing do there. Does the game begins like that? Or is something wrong?

Wonderful, Wizwardicuz! 

It worked! 


Thanx a lot!

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The Crecy Evaluationen I could play now. Very good! :)

Unfortunatly, it didn't work with Submachine Universe. :( 

Hi Mateusz,

I have High Sierra running but although I managed to change to "Anywhere" it tells me: Cannot open, throw away!

What can I do?