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A member registered Dec 15, 2020

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Had fun being my favorite alcoholic kitty, was a bit laggy some times but it was fun tbh

Thats evil xd

is there a way to know what every animatronic do and how to prevent them or just try until you find out? 
i could use some help tbh

Good game so far, hope you keep the great work

Good game, hope the hate of others dont affect you with the good work you are doing

Great game 10/10
will continue play and enjoy, reallly enjoy that the creator is really putting effort on the game :3

7:14 i really enjoyed the music xd
10/10 will play again

I like how it is going this game 

so the next update is a meme of the community? 

thanks :3

well that could explain somethings, my resolution is 1360x768

it looks like this 

the shop is buged, when i enter in it i cant do anything

could you add in the description which kinks are in the game? pls

Lets goooooo, Yey

i hope this games gets a lot of support, i really ant to see how big it can be 

there is no sound

is a really good game, great work :D

I would say that is random, it happens when you run/walk in the park or work at the pub

nice game, hope it will get big as lust doll or even more

I would like to say that I found a bug, in which when you sell your underwear and they rape you for the first time, the image stays in the middle of the screen and does not disappear after sex