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I've searched through the rules again and again, and I can't find anything about the default maximum amount of ressources and trade goods one can have. I assume it's either 50 or 100 but nowhere does it say anything about a maximum amount of them outside of Stockpiles and Treasuries which only specify by how much the maximum is increased. I'm a bit lost here.

Really cute game, finally managed to beat the last "difficulty".

I still haven't fully cracked the code behind the "sudoku" ones, I think I understand how the "lizard rule" works, but I have absolutely no idea how the fishes relate to anything.

Amazing game with a fairly impressive amount of depths for such a short timeframe of development.

The game feels pretty well balanced aswell, I won my first run but had a few close calls in it.

Getting that S rank on with a fight ending in 2 seconds felt pretty great aswell ^-^.

Might be one of my favourite game of the jam so far, I can see myself getting back to it in the future just because it's a great game.

Really lovely game, love the sprites, the music and the characters and their personnality conveyed through the dialogue animation, sound and dialog itself.

The trouble I had at the beginning, mostly for finding the key and the fruit almost killed the fun for me though. I think they only spawn based on actions you've taken? And without much of a tell for what's causing it.
The key for example which I'm pretty sure spawns after talking to the lake guy I took way too long aimlessly looking around for. I already checked the fishing rod before talking, and the first time I passed by the lake guy the prompt to talk just didn't show up. Going 5 times through the entire map before finding the first item wasn't super fun.

Update the mod, that skeleton rule bug has been fixed already.

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I really like the concept behind the game, and I've already spent a few hours in the game.
The game seems a bit overwhelming at first and the UI isn't really easy to grasp, but we get used to it and the gameplay is really neat afterwards.
Unfortunately, after a while the game feels pretty grindy, maybe it's just me that is doing something wrong, I tried to diversify a lot which apparently isn't the optimal play.
Killing almost all enemies, only for them to be replaced when there is only a few left feels really frustrating too, especially since there is no clear indications on when the enemies will be gone.

I've had a lot of fun with the game, unfortunately I feel like I've hit a wall where its too grindy and I'm not having fun anymore.

I've gotta say, the mod is really great, I haven't really experienced the new enemies, but the episodes are really great, I especially love the new Uptick Puzzle episode.
Keep up the good work.

Your problem seem to be that you nested the file wrong.
Your path should be something like that: .../Dicey Dungeons/mods/morefluff/(all the other files of the mod)

Not: .../Dicey Dungeons/mods/morefluff/morefluff/(all the other files of the mod)

Now the general mod path should be : .../Dicey Dungeons/mods

(Obligatory "I got the game from a free key <3")

It's a MatchX/Bejeweled like game, there are many like it, this is one.
This game differs a bit by being timer based (through the enemy progression in your base) instead of being move based.
There is also a strategic element based on your minions and the enemies stats, but the game doesn't give you that much detail on it, so in the end you just end up not caring too much about it.

Overall a good and enjoyable time killer.