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Thanks !

Can't be more agree with you. We almost finished and levels are missing. Was a matter of time !

Yea! At least we should have implemented the door animation, as we already detected the end of level and we got the door sprites ! But the team did great job, hope we go further next time.

good word and surtout fun experiment with graphics art !

Yea @Rohan17rp.

You can use arrows key too, if it is ok for you ! It is a good remark, we didn't implement a system when you are out of bound !

@YHY_games, unfortunately, we didn't had time to make levels ! There is no animations for the end of the level !

Very nice snake revisiting game ! Sound is great choice too !

Great art and fun sound ! Enjoyed playing !

Impressive !

Thanks @MrBundles !

Shmank#3021 did great job as sound designer, when implementing it, the game was much more immersive.

For the dark world switch effect, we used sprite mask, as you can found here : Then we used the collision mask to make the player collide with multiple layers.

We didn't manage in time to produce multiple level. When you take the key, we detect the end of the level by "closing the door" but there are no animations here.

The week was fast ! But was a good first jam, as we learn a lot ! Hope we go further next time !

good concept !