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Thanks! <3 

Update added. Several changes + a new upscaling method for general use. It seems to me that it's not so much that you don't understand programming, but rather that my code was quite messy, which is why it took so long.

I read about SVT-AV1, and apparently, it's faster, but the quality is terrible. However, I checked available codecs in FFmpeg once again, and indeed, there are more to choose from (previously, I didn't expand the terminal window :P). I tried other encoders, and they are much faster (around few seconds). The whole idea of the program is "do it automatically," so I need to figure it out how to detect the most optimal encoder when the program starts. An update is coming soon.

Hello, I was just playing around with adding AV1 to the program, and I have some bad news. After changing the encoder from x264 to AV1, the video rendering takes several minutes instead of just a few seconds. I tried to figure it out for an hour, but I couldn't make it work. I know AV1 itself is slow in rendering, but this difference is quite big. However, if you'd like to give it a try, all you need to do is change "libx264" to "libaom-av1" in lines 246 and 622 of the GUI.pyw file. Keep in mind that you can't launch the program through GUI.exe then and you'll have to run it directly from GUI.pyw using Python.

Hey, honestly I abandoned the project but I'm at home for two days, I'll see if I can do something.AV1 has a royalty-free licensing model so i think i could add it.

No there is not. I assume you're asking about the requirement for Nvidia graphics cards, but this version also works on AMD cards as well as integrated chipsets (cpu). Just a weaker computer specification will increase upscaling time.

Wow, a lot of beautifully work! Sprite's looks very polished and evrything is consistent, i like it. Great package for my dungeon crawler.

The fps issue should be fixed.
The audio/subtitles things, will be fixed soon i think.

Oh, thanks for feedback. I probably know what is problem with 23.976fps i'll try to fix that quickly.
"Also noticed that only first audio track and no subtitle tracks get muxed into the final output file when multi-audio is present." - this will be harder to fix i think. Maybe few days fixing.

Anyway, do you want to turn back manual fps setting? I thought no one is using this, but now i see i was wrong.

Well, i couldn't add the new methods because the are for ESRGAN not for Real-ESRGAN. Even if there is few of them, they don't work with converter. I will look closer for ESRGAN engine and if it works with non-nvidia cards i will try to implement

Oh, thanks for information i didnt know that. Probably i include a few of those in future. 

Thanks for comment! 

1 - well, the upscale methods isn't mine, just for clear. My observation is 
a) animevideov3 - the fastest method (couple of times than the others) and usually the best for anime video, but not soo good for images
b) x4plus - meh... its not so good for anything. Sometimes the best for images but its like 1 to 20. 
c) x4plus-anime - the best for 2d images, like anime or fan art from deviant art and similar. I use it for anime video, but it takes sooo long and the result not so good, i prefer use animevideov3

2 - definitely x4plus-anime

3 - Auto mode takes already selected mode, so you have to change it before clicking auto mode button. I suggest to choice animevideov3 mode and x2 scale. This way makes you the fastest and the most quality result. 

Remember that, this upscale methods is for 2d. For more information look at

Hello there,
I made an extension for your tilesets. I added some decoration. Check more in link:

Hey, thanks for information, you have right ;_; I hope i fixed it, you can try now. If not, pls feedback to me, and i make RAW txt version to copy and paste the scripts : ) 

so basiclly, you have to stretch your collider too, and probably if you got origin set on the bottom, you have to change your Y-position too

its 2d or 3d? unity or something else?

well, its pretty fun to game, but honestly i will delete the Hacker character, cuz its hard to focus on avoiding bullets with him and shooting at the same time with drone :P 

I admire people who programming in UE4. For me, even Unity is hard to get start in 3D :/ 

Fireing feels juicy :] i like it

Im always going to sleep at 11:00pm but now, i have to end my game... am i crunching? :D 

well i turned this factory to create only pizzas and sandwiches :P