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Thanks! It was hard to choose only 6 hats. There are so many fun options. 

but also, check the comment from Joey v below, who made a pdf for it. 

No, probably not anytime soon. I don’t really have bandwidth in my life to lay it out. 

Whoa! That rules feel free to post it publicly. Did you end up running it? How did it go?

Thanks :)

Yo! It looks like print copies are up on the TKG store.

YO! I just shipped a box of 100 copies to TKG so it should be back up there shortly. 

Thanks for these very kind words. I’m super stoked that you enjoyed playing it. 

This is an excellent module. It's very flexible, with just enough detail to make it highly playable. Tons of great art and dripping with dark foreboding vibes. Love it.  

Hey PoB,

It looks like Spear Witch still has some physical copies. Let me know if that doesn't work out. I few hard copies left.

WOOHOO!!! THanks, it was a rad jam

thanks for this great review! I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. 

Not the Troika! supplement we wanted but rather the supplement that we needed. 

Love the depressed android and freaky time warp rules!


I just sent 30 copies to Exalted Funeral on Saturday so they should have more in the near future. Also, TKG is going have some for sale on their site soon as well. 

This rules. The descriptions perfectly capture the cartoony vibe. It's got that tiny-zine "just enough" quality: lots to work with but small enough to quickly glance through and understand. 

FYI, print copies are back in stock at both Spear Witch and Exalted Funeral.

This is excellent. An elegantly designed, easy to use pamphlet that presents a truly horrible villain. Perfect at many difference scales, ranging from a single, horrible encounter to an ongoing nemesis that haunts your PCs. Love it. 

The second print run is in progress now. The upcoming holiday may slow down the shipping so hopefully it will be up on Spear Witch again in the next 2-3 weeks.