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Thanks for playing!!

Thank you very much!! :)

Thanks for playing! :)

Thank you!! :)

thanks!! appreciate the nice words :)

thanks for playing!!

thanks for playing! 

Sorry it wasn't jumpy enough for you :) We aren't fans of those types of games and wanted to focus more on atmospheric tension. Thank you for the feedback though!

Hi!! thanks for playing :)

Clarifying the real-time design class part, it was made as a final project for the class, and three people worked on it including myself. The names are in the menu on the credits tab :)

thanks!! means a lot :)

thank you very much!!! glad you liked it :)

thanks very much!!!

Thank you very much!! glad you liked it :))

Thank you!! 🤠

Thanks for playing!!

Thanks very much for playing the game!!! glad you liked it :)

thank you very much!! :~)

Thank you very much! Means a lot :))

Hi! I checked your playthrough and the key did spawn. I saw it on your gameplay :) for the sake of not spoiling the game I'm not going to tell you where it is but you definitely missed it in one of the bathrooms.

Thanks for playing, and making a video on the game!!

Hi!! thanks for playing the game!

What happened is that you didn't  activate the circuit breaker in the basement, which is how I make the front door key spawn :p there was a both a visual bug and with the UI due to how close the circuit breaker and that last note are together that makes it confusing. If you want to play the game again, you can just go through to the basement, back off a little and go back towards the circuit breaker until the left click message pops up again. Should spawn the key and let you finish the game :)

Sorry about the bug! I'll get a fix running as soon as I have access to the files again.

Hi! Looking at your playthrough (thanks for doin' it by the way!) you didn't flip the circuit breaker, which spawns the key in one of the bathrooms. Looks like it's an error on my end, with the interact UI message not showing through after you pick up the note next to the circuit breaker - it's my bad! 

If you want to play through the game again, just make sure you back off a little and get closer to the circuit breaker again - then you should be able to interact with it. Sorry about the issue! I won't be able to work on a fix for a few more days unfortunately, so this could be a way for you to see the ending still.

Thanks again!

Thanks for playin & the video!! :)

Thank you!! Gracias!

Thanks for all the great feedback!! I'm really glad you liked the game :')

Thank you!!! :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the vid!!