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HOME GAME community · Created a new topic Demo?

How come the install files are called "demo"? It's a bit confusing. Is this game considered complete/finished or not?

- Matt

Just finished your game. I had a lot of fun. This is a really nicely designed, wholesome puzzler. Loved it.

I absolutely adore the art style.

Does this game actually have a goal or an ending? Or is it just about stumbling around a neverending maze?

- Matt

I liked this a lot.

I included your game in a video I made on this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Just wanted to let you know that I played this game in a video I made about games concering menstruation on Menstrual Hygiene Day this year.

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I love the concept of this game.

I ended up including this in a video I made on this year's Menstrual Hygiene Day.

Oh, I'm gonna look into that. 

Either way you can keep the money. I'm happy to support a game dev who creates something this innovative.

You might wanna add that this game is currently only playable if you're in the USA or Canada to this page too. I didn't see it on your website until after I purchased the game.