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I have begun running my little band through your adventure over on YT, thank you for sharing!

Sorry! I was rushing like a fool.

This was a test to see if people were really reading my stuff.

No, just kidding. I screwed up and quickly uploaded the wrong file. Please download again, sorry about that!

This was a test to see if people were really reading my stuff.

No, just kidding. I screwed up and quickly uploaded the wrong file. Please download again, sorry about that!

Thank you! You can send to snikle 1973 through gmail will work (just remove the spaces), I will at the the product page if you are ok with that.

Thank you! Glad you liked it!

This is great, very well put together!

This is really an impressive product. Perfectly laid out, enough detail - but not too much - to inspire, and a clear and consistent artistic theme thorough out the PDF. I am highly impressed with all your products. Great work!


Love these and this art style! I feel like the shadows are flipped so the shadow for the top row of minis is behind the bottom row. Or am I misunderstanding the folding process?

Freaking fantastic! Great job!

Those are fantastic!

Wow! These look fantastic!


Very cool, I had actually thought about doing something similar but thought it too far a demanding challenge. Now I am rethinking this!,

Nice work Stuart, I like this and looking forward to giving it a test run.

This is really good, excellent work!

Awesome! I am glad this worked out for you!

Nice work! This is perfect for a night’s game at the table. Thanks!

Stunning! Great work!

Thank you! I’m very pleased you like it, and I love your HP hack!

Awesome! Let me know how it goes. I recently started up a WB solo game myself. Out the gate 2 of 3 character were swallowed whole by a Weald Siren, nasty things!

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Hopefully you find it useful.

This is a fantastic little game. Thanks for sharing, I look forward to more MA documents!

Thank you!

LoL Good point! It is like magic!

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Sheesh, everyone's a critic. ;-)

Thanks! Fixed. 

Age is getting to me, swore I uploaded and checked it! It’s on there now.

This is fabulous, runs great, is concise, and is laid out perfectly. Thank you for sharing this excellent game!

This excellent, probably will use this for some solo RPGing. Thanks!

Gotcha! Thanks!

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What defines an “HTML dungeon” exactly? It appears to be a webpage, but perhaps I am missing something?

This is great!  I love how you've done away with the table style set up I have in so1um and integrated the resolution into a single roll. Fantastic work!

Not at all! I am very pleased to see others still utilizing something I made, and thank you for creating your version. I hope it brings enjoyment to all!

Hexagnome, this is excellent work, great job!

This is excellent, particularly like the layout. Great job.

Great job, this looks amazing. A solid location with loads of adventure opportunities and exactly what I was hoping it would be. Art and layout are perfect. I love it!  Also has a great little OSR logo on the front. ;)

This is great! Good work!

This is great! Good job everyone!

Found a typo:"What weird things you see in the Screaming Demon Crater?"

I am guessing it should say: "What weird things DO you see in the Screaming Demon Crater?