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This game is great!

I was the moderate for a friend, and we recorded this game for our podcast.  The rules worked well, and we had a lot of fun.

You can hear the gameplay here:

My friend and I played this game for our podcast.  I moderated 1 story line, and they moderated the "Dream Away the Time" module using Roll20.  It was a great time!

If you want to hear some game play, check out the podcast:

Iri Loneguard:

Dream Away the Time:

My friend and I played "The World is Ending and We Are Very Large Dogs" twice.  We did choose to use a moderator.  We recorded both sessions, and posted them as podcasts.  The end of each session also has a retrospective on what went well, and where we struggled.

Here is our Underdog session:

Here is our Blu session:

My friend and I played "For the Dungeon!" on our podcast "1 hour 1 shot ttrpg" and had a real good time with it.  We played it as 1 moderator and 1 player.

If you want to hear some game play, please check it out here:

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Ran a 1hr scenario with one player.  Player was a shitbird of a billionaire who was running for Mayor while getting kickbacks from a toxic landfill, and at the same time developing housing across the street (new homes were on top of a cemetery, too).

We wanted our shitbird game to punch-up.

It was a blazing tire-fire of a game (in all the best ways).

10 out of 10.

You can listen to the podcast here: