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Straightforward and useful! You can play up the whole thing as goofy or grimdark as you want. The traps have some solid twists too. 

This game made walking around my empty ass neighborhood fun and evocative. Would recommend to anyone looking to explore ritual as play, immersive rp and/or solo play. 

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Every enemy, background, spell and item fits perfectly. Oneironauts 2 creates a ludic romp that any game would benefit from. Full stop.

We're glad you like it! You should buy 5 MILLION more.

The combination of classes with pokemon and classic "backpack" style kits is slick. The Cha based pokemon are probably my favorite. 

I think about this trope a lot but I never considered slotting it into something as simple as WSCAOS!

The tone and presentation are an excellent fit for a Where the Wild Things Are Troika! game. Blanket Warder is a great open for the setting. 

Had you asked me if it was possible to distill down the movements and repositioning of anti-sis in a video essay, I would have laughed.

Happy to have been proven wrong by this essential video essay. 

I could use this for DCC. I could use this anywhere really. It's monsters. Monstrous and weird and terrible. One is GOD? I'll say this, it does some interesting things with textual meaning and subject position. Plus the art is neat. Reminds me of Sam Pink's Person.

I would have never considered something like the anchor board to drive a genre mystery!

would pillage again for ideas 10/10

Love the layout. Accomplishes a lot in a small amount of space. WSCAOS makes for a good foundation and the vibe is spot on. I'd run it.

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I used my ol' inkjet and it turned out solid!

Well thank you very much. It was part of a "make a damn thing in 4 hours" kind of Tuesday.

Like the table content, v solid. 
Font is hard to read. 
Description on itch page reminds me what Jared talks about if you are in to messing with very rules light stuff.

A game about finishing what you started, even if you don't know what that is yet.

I imagine the accompanying music for making the character sheet is Way to Blue by Nick Drake. Love the Polaroids.

I think my favorite part is the empty acronyms where things like HP and AC would go. TG = Teddy Grahams, MM = Mutual Milk 

That is high praise ty!