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Can you add support for "HXDD: Heretic and Hexen Merger" by Lemon King in the next update?

Do Malefactors work without Combined Arms?

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Can you add other characters like Fisty 'Dan' Glover, Pistol Peter, Shotgun Shawn, Dubba B. Shawn, Chainsaw Chad, Chaingun Chad, Rocket Randy, Plasma Paz, or "Best Friend" George?

Is there a version of Master Levels Deluxe that runs as a seperate episode but keep the rest of the episodes created by WadSmoosh such as Ultimate Doom, Sigil, Hell on Earth, and so on?

If GZDoom v3+ is the best choice for WadSmoosh,
will it work on Zandronum v3+ as a seperate project?

Are there any updates to this mod in the future?

If so, I have an idea:

What if the goal is to assemble more than 1 parts of the Arrow of Slaying to kill more than 1 Keymasters to collect more master keys needed for a single exit in every map?

Or what if the Keymaster summons keyminions to aid it?

Or what if the item/secret completion reward gives all players 1 Arrow of Slaying?

Can you add compatibilities to MK-Champions, LegenDoom, and other universal gameplay mods for GZDoom?

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I tried to run Keymaster in GZDoom 3.7.2, but I got 2 errors.

The Lines are 75 and 162 in handler.txt.

The result is an error "Invalid Statement".

That's why I can't run Keymaster at all.

Is there any way to fix that?