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Matt and Sarah's World

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Sadly I didn't get very far but I did enjoy the game, the letters are a really nice touch.

Good game.


Thank you for an amazing game, it was a lot more in depth than I was expecting. I loved the art style and am excited to find the other endings.


Thank you for the heads up on the update, Matt loved the improved grapics.

Thanks for the update, will keep my eyes peeled.

Nice game, would like to see more.

Really enjoyed this, looking forward to the full game.

Loved the demo, excited to see a fully fledged game.

Great game so, far, excited for what is to come. 

Thanks for letting us know about the update. Matt had a quick look at it and was surprised just how different it was.  

Very good game,  few glitches here and there but still enjoyed playing and excited to see a fully completed game.

Loved how colourful this game was. Thank you for making it.
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Matt really enjoyed this, here's our channel link if, anyone would like to see his let's play.


Matt had a quick play through of your game,  we originally  decided to play it due to it having Friday the 13th in the title, however after playing it Matt has decided it could be an extremley addictive game and is impressed with it. Thank you for making it, hope you like his video.

Matt and Sarah - Matt and Sarah's World

This is a fun little game with a unique concept, really enjoyed seeing things from the drones perspective. Would be interesting to see an extended game or  prehaps a series of games based around the PDU.


Look forward to it :-)

Had to play this after playing From Ivan, loved both your games. Hoping you have more up your sleeve. 

Sarah x

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Part one of Matt's playthrough of the game,  he struggled with opening one of the doors so gave up but has said he likes the game and intends to try again.

Cute little game, loved the art style.

My other half has just played this and really enjoyed it, she's looking forward to playing your other game Cosmonet.

Really liked this game, I had issues with the circles but that was probably me.

Played your game last year and am pleased to see that your kickstarter looks to have worked. Excited for the full release.


Hi, thought you might like to see the video that my other half, Sarah did for our channel. She got a little frustrated but still really liked the idea behind your game. So, far the game has gotten the best of her and she's still to find your cinematic, she keeps going back and trying to find the end but no luck so far. Hope you enjoy her video.