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Kinda scary.But also kind of predictable. Not the worst thing in the world, I suppose

This game is hilarious. I blame it on the good voice acting. I couldn't take it too seriously.

"You piece of rotted shit."


As expected of a game made in 2 days, but still an interesting narrative. I like the music on the jukebox.

I had a mighty time trying to calculate how many weeks it would have been since he last visited the lighthouse. Comparatively, things go pretty slow if the kid is still worried about his dog two years later.

"You're going to die, just for the sake of going through the motions, huh?"

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Short, but really good. Art is very interesting, UI is done in a creative but informative way. Game was nothing new, but still exciting with the creepy pink worm. Music was good too.

I agree with other's calls to lengthen the game. It's strange how when you can kill the worm when you're still much smaller than it. Also, I think there's more to go on. The challenge with this is you have to keep designing enemies, which can be challenging on a time budget.

The end is sad, but true to the game's message. Things are brutal down in the sea.

Emphasis on the short. I didn't really see anything else to do after seeing somebody in the corner of my vision after the lights go out. Kinda creepy, I guess.

Beyond garbage. I can't believe you put a price tag on this.

Less than five minute game

Control sensitivity is off the charts and the left and right keys turn rather than strafe.

The text to speech thing is lazy. Either do it yourself, or pay somebody to do it. Also, you might as well have the voices continue on after you're done clicking on the object, so the players can explore and walk around while listening to this.

I have a strange feeling this is only way you could get people to read your poetry