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This was fun! I’m not sure how the scoring works, since drawing straight lines is worth pretty much the same amount of points as writing the signature as best as I can.

Also, here’s my first playthrough!

Thanks for the fullscreen feature!

This was really fun! Also I felt like the UI design (including the sound design) was pretty familiar, maybe inspired by Mii Channel on the Wii?

This game was really fun! My favorite part was the cloud section, wish I could hear that cute music in at least a few more screens

That’s a really cute idea, and it’s short and sweet! The mellow music is also very fitting. Well done!

That’s a cute lil game! I can’t wait to see how it’ll continue! (One minor thing though, the keyboard controls also scroll the page for me..)

This was really fun to play!
If you plan to work on this some more, keep keyboard rollover and keyboard layouts in mind.