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oh, so it's out now! i remember this from the alpha

Game doesnt proceed past the first line by bitt. Pressed every button.

Hey guys, just wanted to inform you that this user is sharing your assembly

which I think is copyright violation? Also, good game

Game doesnt load

Cannot get past level 3 even on easy

I cant get enough bees no matter what I do. I have to sacrifice some space for burning it down.

When you rely too much on only physics in your game, it robs the feeling of control from the player, who now has to hope that the pseudo-luck is on their side

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Woah dude. Did you do it all yourself? All the pixelart too?

Impressive stuff!

The personalized selection screens, beginning sequence, all those backgrounds and animations. I really like the flashing warning signs and arrows. The art is really nice! 

Some constructive criticism: On the map with the houses and giant T roboter, maybe mark the platforms one can jump on better. I know you added some extra contrast, but try to make them brighter or something, so they stick out more!

Chrome 83 on Windows 7

Game doesnt load, Chrome

Bet you had fun making those sound effects.

Cool! Make this a tutorial :D


Cool concept

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Fun game, 256 steps

Really fun. I don't get how I can craft the Power core tho. I have the blue crystal, but whats the second thing?

Youre welcome for playing

Wtf. Did you make all the sprites? And what is "Gamedesign 2"? Looks great.


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This is really fun and cool :D Highscore: 29

REALLY cool game.

Did you make all the sprites?



Cool game.

Bars are rising way too quick


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I don't understand how to get rabbits  - Oh I just had to walk around more. Nice game

Cool game

Cool game. Nice visuals.


I like the game mechanic. Visuals are good as well

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I like it. Fishing mechanic reminds me of Stardew Valley. Good ideas, I like that the fishing rod is upgradable.  Only negative aspect is, the boat is too expensive, the game takes too long to finish :)

Haha, that discription made me laugh. Decent art though, and I like how the trees and water are moving :)